The implementation of a Proof of Concept (PoC) in the client’s facilities, has the objective of validating a series of technical and functional aspects of a specific solution, by the different areas involved in the factory.

All proof of concept is referenced to a global project that the client wants to undertake shortly and from which we extract a representative fraction where to apply and validate the previously defined requirements.

A clear example could be the implementation of a Production control in an entire packaging room.

The global project would be to implement it in the whole room, the proof of concept could be limited to one line or to the machine that is our bottleneck. In this way, a significant percentage of the functionalities of the global system can be verified in the proof of concept.

The proof of concept is a tool that will allow the client to minimize the risks when facing a major investment project, since it will be able to contrast critical aspects of the project.

The achievement of the objectives set in the proof of concept will be the prelude to the global implementation of the project in the client’s facilities.